Chakra Sha Studio - Aromatherapy for Mind, Body & Spirit
South Jersey's Aromatherapy Boutique                            Contact us at: 609-531-4430
We are a brand new Aromatherapy Boutique. Look for our windows be changing soon. In 2012 Sha Rene graduated from school and became a certified Aromatherapist. If you have a problem we can make you a product.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. I am  a certified Chakra Balancer and Singing Bowl Master Sound Therapist. Call me!
Sha Rene'
Yoga Jewelry Designer & Certified Aromatherapist
Sha Rene is the author of  If God had @n Email Address"  a spiritual prose book that you can order at at Barnes and Noble.  She is a Yoga Gospel singer. 
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