Chakra Sha Studio - Yoga Products for the Mind, Body & Spirit
Wear the colors of the Rainbow with our Chakra Clothing
We have a individual selection of scarves from India and ornate shawls from California.
Visit our Color Therapy Counter
Aura and Chakra Photos and Readings coming soon!
Aura Photo                                          $10.00
Chakra Photo                                       $15.00
Personal Chakra Readings              $15.00
Aura/Chakra with Report            $25.00 
Come in to our special place and Meditate.
Find items to meditate with in your home; from Buddha statues to incense, candles, natural ois and more.
We have every Spiritual Culture here so you can feel welcome. 
See our Spiritual Book Center
Sit and read wisdom from OSHO or find out about the "Laws of Attraction."
Find knowledge about Christ or Buddha as well as books to show you how to use the engergy tools in our store.
Take home the powerful book, "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne and change your life.
Come in sit down, read, experience and take the book home that heals your soul!
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